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Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails? 🔥Top 3 Reasons🔥

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Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails

Welcome to my Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails blog post. Today we’re going to talk about the three reasons why people don’t read your emails. You have social media, you have Facebook, you have Instagram, you have Snapchat, you have so many different platforms out there. Email, it is still, even to this date, a very powerful way to generate sales, to offer your products and services. Across the board that the opening rate and delivery rate of emails are going down think about most people, they’re on social media all the time. They don’t check emails as often. But when it comes to email, it is still your own list. When you have followers on social media on this platform and that platform, on that platform, Facebook owns that. YouTube owns that, Instagram owns that. You don’t actually own it. 

But with your email list, that’s your, what I call your own list. This is something that you own. It is an asset that you have. If you nurture that list properly, it will produce income for you for a long, long time. If you are a copywriter and you’re writing emails for your clients, the way you write the email, the way you nurture the relationship, the way you sell, has a direct impact on how much revenue your emails will produce. So let’s talk about the three reasons why people don’t open up your emails.

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Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails? 🔥Top 3 Reasons🔥

Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails
Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails

1 – Subject Line:

Your subject line is too attractive. You see, most people don’t understand the battle when it comes to getting an email opened. Your first job is not actually to make a sale in an email. Your first job is to make sure that your email doesn’t end up in the junk box. It doesn’t end up in the Promotions tab in Google, in your G-mail account. So what we wanna do is you wanna avoid any words, it’s a spam message. Right? You wanna avoid some of these words. So you wanna be very, very careful so that it doesn’t end up in the spam box. Okay?

So as long as you end up in the personal category, you’ve won half the battle, right? So when you’re looking at something like that, you wanna make sure that your subject line is not spammy. Right? You’ve seen those emails, right? The subject line is more 50% off, buy today! Like, that kind of stuff, no. Imagine you are writing to a friend. Make it very personal.

Let’s say, this is a follow-up email. You might say, “Hmmm, I haven’t heard from you… “I thought you were interested in….” You see how it’s very, very personal. And then they open up the email. So the first key is the subject line is everything. It is first to get them an open email first. Right, spend some time crafting the subject lines. Depends on what software you use, you can also test, split test different types of subject lines to see which subject line gets the highest opening rate. Make sense?

2 – Selling In The Email:

Second key. A lot of the time, copywriters, they make the mistake, they try to sell within the email. No, the goal within an email is not to make the sale, is to drive them to something else. Either maybe is to get them clicking on it to go a sales page, to get them clicking on it to go to a shopping cart, go to your shop, go to your e-comm store, or maybe to book a call. The purpose of an email is not to make the sale within an email. It is to get your prospects clicking. That’s it.

If you think of it from their perspective, you don’t wanna go on and on and on trying to make the sale within the copy itself. You want to just kind of get them curious and get them clicking. It’s to get that click to go to the next thing, to watch this video, to go to this page, to add this card, right? To book a call. Whatever it might be. So that’s how it works. So that’s key number two.

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3 – Value vs. Selling:

Key number three. Make sure that you don’t sell all the time in an email. You want to be able to educate, entertain, empower from time to time. And then you can do your offer, right? So add value, value, value, value. Make an offer. Value, value, value, make an offer. If you try to sell in every single email, then you are training your subscribers to your email list to ignore your message, and that’s not good. You wanna be able to communicate to them in a way that is value, is value, oh, here’s something that might help you solve your problem.

Value, value, value, here’s something that will help you solve your problem. Right? And you wanna be able to send different types of emails. Some emails, you are telling them something. That, you’re informing them with something. Some, you are demonstrating your credibility by maybe sending them a testimonial of clients who have done business with you. Sometimes you just send them something that they might be interested in. From my own experience, some of my best-performing emails are actually very short. They’re like, a few lines. Very simple

Because the longer the message is, the more likely you’re gonna lose them. But if it’s like a short little message, they’re like, oh this is interesting, I’m curious, they click, now you tell your full story on their landing page or on their website. Does that make sense, right? So this is how you do it.

My Final Opinion: Why People Are not Interested to Read Your Emails

Those are the three reasons why people don’t open your emails. Remember, to win the email game, first you have to get them opening your emails, your subject line. Then get them curious, clicking on it. Don’t try to make the sale within the email. And then you’re now adding value, adding value, building trust, building trust, when you make an offer, they will buy it. It is that simple.

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