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The Best Habits of Rich People ~ 🔥3 Must Needed Habits🔥

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The Best Habits of Rich People

Welcome to my The Best Habits of Rich People blog post. Have you ever wondered why you struggle financially? Why you always seem to have no money at the end of every month? Or you’ve never been able to save up enough for your retirement? Well, the reason is that you have the habits of poor people. And the thing is rich people have different habits. And in this video, I’m going to be going over the 3 habits of rich people that allow them to continue making more money. It’s not an act. 

Getting rich is not just an act or not like you pick up a lottery ticket and suddenly you’re rich. It’s not luck. It’s a habit, it’s a process that can be learned. And I’m going to be going over these 3 elements that are going to help you get to embody the habits of rich people. Stay tuned take notes and help take your life to the next level.

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The Best Habits of Rich People ~ 3 Must Needed Habits

The Best Habits of Rich People
The Best Habits of Rich People

The thing you need to know is that rich people and poor people have very different habits. And you know, we do the same things every day. We just kind of go by the same cycle all the time. And in order to change you know your bank account from being less than a desire to the point where you get excited to look at every time, your bank has more money in it. You’ve got to change up your essential habits. And these 3 things are the essential habits of rich people that I’m going to try to distill for you. I don’t know anything. You know, I’m not saying this is the ultimate. You know, I’m not a billionaire but these are 3 things that I found that are very different from people with poor mindsets and rich mindsets.

1 – Count Their Money: 

Now, the first thing is that rich people count their money. Now, you would think that somebody like me you know, I’m making hundreds of dollars a month in my business would not feel the need to actually count all of my costs and look at what each line item on my credit card I was spending money on. And use mint and kind of categorize my expenses and where I’m over, where I’m under. But the reality is, is that I spend and many of the people I know who are very wealthy are crazy about counting where their money’s going. Where it’s coming from. Knowing exactly all of these different elements about their money. 

Poor people, they get a bill and they say, “Ugh!” You know, they get a tax bill at the end of the year that might be one of the only times they actually count their money. And poor people get a tax bill and they say, “Ugh! Screw it. Got to pay it.” And they send their money to the government. 

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But rich people, what we do is we look at the tax but when we say, “Hmm. Cool. Opportunity for negotiation. I wonder how much I can get this down.” And I’m in the highest tax bracket, income-wise and I probably paid closer to the lowest tax bracket because I negotiated. I found the deductions, hired somebody who was knowledgeable in this space for a fraction of the money that it costs to save me the hundreds of thousands of dollars I did. So, we count our money. We figure out where it’s coming from. What we can do to maximize things. What we can do to save things. We don’t just go out and say, “Oh! Cool. I have a thousand dollars left in my bank account at the end of the month.”

2 – Pay Themselves First: 

Now, the second thing about rich people is that rich people pay themselves first. Pay yourself first. Okay. Now, paying yourself first does not mean buying yourself that car, getting yourself a vacation to reward yourself or it doesn’t mean any of that stuff. What paying yourself first means is actually paying yourself a salary. Putting that money into 401k. Saving that up. Putting that in you know, expense everything you can through your business or through your company or whatever you do. You know, even as an employee, you can set up an LLC and expense everything through there but you pay yourself first, okay? 

I’m saving up money every single month even though I have very high earning power and me very high confidence in my business doing well. I always make sure that at the end of the day I am always making money before anybody else. It always happens. I’m saving up money for myself in my personal bank account, my 401k, etc. Pay yourself first and you’ll do better. 

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1 – Know How to Improve Your Income: 

People don’t understand this. Knowing how to improve your income, you need to go to what I call the money equation, okay? What is your money equation? Do you even know what your money equation is? Everybody has a money equation attached to the back of their head. And you are only going to ever be as good as your money equation. Now, let’s look at this, right? 

So, let’s say you’re working a job. You’re getting paid $20 an hour, right? Your money equation is hours times $20, right? Very simple. The most your money equation can ever be is 168 which is the number of hours in a week times $20. Therefore the most money you can possibly ever make is around $12,000 a month, right? 

So now, you have a number. You know the most you can possibly ever hope to earn is 20 times the number of hours a week. But that’s not feasible to actually do. You know, so you have to account for sleep and some of these other things. But either way, you have a very clear maximum to the amount of money. You can make this doesn’t give a lot of opportunity for improvement. And even if you go for raises or promotions, probably the most you will get a raise for is up to 20% of your income. So, that 12,000 you could times it by 1.2 and the most your money equation will ever get up to is about you know, 14-15 thousand dollars. So, that is a very real number. Your range is determined by the number of hours. 

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Now, similarly, if you’re working a salary job, your money equation is salary times the year. It’s very simple. And that’s the most you can ever make. Now, if you want to save up for retirement, if you want to save up money, if you’re working in a big city, 12,000 a month isn’t necessarily going to give you a lot of money to save u In fact, $12,000 a month is actually just above the poverty line in San Francisco. So, you need to change your money equation.

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