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How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020? ❤️Step by Step Guide❤️

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How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020

Welcome to my How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020 blog post. If you want your YouTube channel to grow, then you’ve definitely take into consideration YouTube SEO. This step is definitely one of the ways that you can create a presence and rank your videos. If you want to know how then you must stay tuned!

So In the blog post, I’ll discuss YouTube SEO and explain to you what metrics are important. what things you need to do to really grow your YouTube channel and create an online presence for yourself.

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How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020? ❤️Step by Step Guide❤️

How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020
How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020

So, we have some crazy stuff to go over today. Now, I have some really good information on YouTube SEO.  I’ve been doing these 5 things for growing my YouTube channel.. Now, I’m going to explain to you a few things in this video. I’m going to explain to you YouTube’s 3 big metrics behind what they’re out. The algorithm that really run YouTube’s algorithm and you kind of just want to understand to help understand how you can grow your channel. 

Also be talking to you about posting frequency. How often should you post, how many times a week or a month, whatnot. The titles that you use in your videos are also the topics that you’re doing videos around. I’m going to talk to you about the average watch time metric which I find is very important. And also off-site SEO.

1 – Top YouTubes 3 Matrices:

YouTube’s 3 top metrics are very important. This is how YouTube determines which videos they show and they don’t show. Their main metrics are watch time, session time and return rate. Now, how do those factor in? Basically what YouTube is looking for is they want people to stay on YouTube as long as possible. They want to see people staying on your videos as long as possible, staying on your channel as long as possible, staying on the YouTube environment as long as possible.

They want people to come back to YouTube as frequently as possible. This is the same way that Facebook works in their backends. These are the metrics that YouTube optimize around. Now, you might be thinking why is that important, okay? The reason why this is important because if you are sending if your video’s whole goal is to send people off of YouTube, you are ruining yourself in YouTube’s eyes. YouTube wants people to stay on YouTube as long as possible. So sending them immediately off-site or off of YouTube is going to really hurt your chances of getting your videos ranked higher and higher and higher. 

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The third metric I said is the return rate. Return rate means you are getting people coming back to YouTube more frequently than they would be before. So, if by subscribing to your channel or by watching your videos, users magically start coming back to YouTube more and more often. YouTube says this person is doing something positive for the YouTube environment. And how you might be able to do that in practice is you can get people on your email list or you can get people on a messenger list. Or you can… How, whatever you do but in your own communication with users that you get people, you get people to start sending them back to YouTube to watch your videos.

2 – Posting:

Posting frequency. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this. And the most important thing to understand here is consistency, consistency, consistency. If all you can handle is posting once per month, post once per month. But do it consistently. Do it consistently on the same day each month. If all you can handle is posting once per week, post once per week on the same day and time each week. But preferably, your posting frequency would be once per day. That’s what we’ve seen helps out the most. 

Now, that may be a lot of work to post once per day. But that’s… That’s the best way to do it. At least multiple times per week is the best way to keep build and grow an audience consistently.

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3 – Titles:

 Now, titles are pretty important. The way I do my titles… I don’t know about other people. I’m a fairly small channel by comparison. But what I’ve seen in titles is I simply go after keywords that… I go after questions that people are looking to learn about. I’ve seen a lot of other people in my niche. I consider my niche to make money online and affiliate marketing. 

I see a lot of other people posting titles such as like, “I made $6,000. $6253 in a day using…” People will post about how much money they’re making in a day. How a 13-year-old can make a gazillion dollars in an hour or whatever. I’ll see you a lot of money. That may work but I kind of stick to what I consider the tried-and-true. Just real boring. You know, the boring approach but the approach that works. And I go after keywords that people are searching for. 

I use this website called and that allows you to find what questions people are asking. There are other keyword tools where you can find what questions people are asking. But I simply find… You know, if I know the answer to a particular question somebody’s asking like, “How do I advertise on LinkedIn?” As an example. I’ll do a video on how to advertise LinkedIn because I know how to do that. And you know, that has the benefit of… Because people are actually searching for that term so I will show up if I do a good video on that topic. 

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Now, the flip side is the people who are posting videos such as like, “I just made you know 5 million dollars in an hour.” Nobody’s searching for that term “I made 5 million dollars in an hour as a 13-year-old.” Another thing on the topic of titles and topics is you want to stick to a niche. You know, my niche, I talk

about making money online and I talk about affiliate marketing. I also talk a little bit about working from home and being a digital nomad. Those are the topics I know the best. But really, I stick to those two main topics. Making money online in affiliate marketing. If you’re doing a YouTube channel, I would pick a few topics to kind of stick to. Maybe your topic is, you know, how to how to do your hair better or you know how to do makeup or whatever those topics are. But I’d stick to those sorts of topics in the majority of your videos. Just to, you know, keep consistency and build your authority in that particular topic in YouTube’s eyes.

4 – Average Watch Time:

The next metric that’s very important. I’d mentioned this above but average watch time. Now, your average watch time generally speaking at least in the how-to niche. You want it to be 4 minutes plus. Okay? If people are not getting value out of your videos and watching them for at least 4 minutes, you’re probably not offering a lot of value. Or you’re just not interesting. You’re just a boring person. Don’t be a boring person. If you’re a boring person, don’t go on… Don’t start a YouTube channel, okay? 

So, average watch time, 4 minutes Plus is a good metric to shoot around. Again, the goal is to offer value and kind of… If people are watching your videos, you’re offering value. It’s plain and simple. And that’s what YouTube views. People are clicking off of your videos right away, YouTube doesn’t think you’re offering a lot of value. Now, a little hack you can do here is… Is if you have a lot of value to give, people are watching your entire video, make your videos longer. Try to do… You know, try to do longer videos. Go more in-depth on the topic. Offer more value.

You know, maybe instead of just getting the highlights about a particular subject, you actually go in and do it. You go in and set up a Facebook Ads campaign. instead of just talking to the camera saying how to set up Facebook Ads, you know, show people on your computer exactly how the thing is done. The more value you offer, the more watch time you’ll get and the more YouTube will favor you and your channel. It’s that simple. Offer value to the world and you will get value back. 

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5 – Off-Site SEO:

The last item is off-site SEO. And off-site SEO just means you know, what are you doing outside of YouTube to really help them favor you. Now, I don’t know too much about off-site SEO. But what I do know is really 2 main things. One is YouTube does look at embeds. They look at if your videos are being embedded somewhere else. Now, what I do is I have a blog on my site And I have a blog post about every single video that I put up on YouTube. And I also embed my video there. This just builds more authority in my video. They see the link and they see that I am placing my video on the internet somewhere and that there are people coming from outside of YouTube to my website. 

The other thing I do for off-site SEO is like keeping in mind that the main metrics that YouTube looks at is return rate. Are people coming back to YouTube more often because of your video or you have a channel, you being a creator? So, I use my email list or I use my Facebook Messenger list or I use my Facebook audience. And I will send people back to my videos. I will say, “Hey, go check out this cool video I did on YouTube.” Because I am getting people coming back to YouTube. So YouTube’s algorithm will favor me more.

Final Verdict: How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020

So I hope this blog post was helpful and kind of explaining How to Rank YouTube Videos 2020. I’m an internet marketer. I’ve been running an internet business since 2012. I’ve been making thousands of dollars. And I’ve worked in a number of different fields but place, where I’ve made most of my money, is affiliate marketing. If you do want to learn more about making money online and even starting an affiliate marketing-based business, which any products it doesn’t require any customer support or fulfillment or any of that jazz. Then check my No #1 Recommendation.

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