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How to Promote CPA Offers – Beginners can Make $100 Per Day!

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How to Promote CPA Offers

Welcome to my How to Promote CPA Offers Blog post. I’m Raju Bhadra, I’ve made thousands of dollars online promoting CPA offers. And in this blog post, I’m going to define what CPAs all offers are.! I’m going to show you some of the real down-and-dirty techniques and tactics to promoting CPA offers. And I’m going to expose you to a few CPA networks where you can actually get the offers to promote. So, let’s get into it. This is going to be a little kind of scandalous video. But excited to share my knowledge here with you. It’s pretty fun.

Introducing Myself :

I am Raju Bhadra working with online marketing since 2012. At the very beginning, I worked cash my link CPA company by promoting watching movies. Then in 2014, I worked with Clicksure and Clickbetter. I promote their products by reviewing. After that, I was outside a few months for my LLB and LLM graduation. Then After 2016, I started to promote WarriorPlus and ClickBank Product and The Four Percent Group. After 2017 I started to release products in WarriorPlus. I released over 50+ quality products in WarriorPlus. Now at present, I am promoting various JVZoo products and My main focus on LEGENDARY MARKETER because I LOVE High Ticket Program and everyone should join a High Ticket Program.

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Purpose of This Answer-Today Blog :

I am honestly saying my one and only purpose is to help people who want to make money online. When I was a green newbie I had searched for everything here and there and most of the time I don’t get the exact answer to my questions. So, I decided if I can then I will make such type of blog from where people can easily get their basic questions to answer. I will try my best to provide the best answers to your question.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA offers are a subset of affiliate marketing. It stands for cost per action marketing. Why cost per action? Well, the reality is CPA offers are a broad spectrum. And they don’t necessarily only pay on a sale. Most traditional affiliate programs pay a percentage of the revenue that you get from the customer. They’ll pay 25% of revenue from sales. CPA offers are different. But they’re much more aggressive. Because the reality is the company doesn’t even necessarily collect a lot of money from the customer. In a CPA offer, the company may collect $5 from the customer but you’re going to get $80. So, that’s a pretty crazy scenario and it’s very ripe for fraud. And again…

So CPA is a crazy cowboy space subset within affiliate marketing and I’m going to show you how to promote it.

How to Promote CPA Offers?

How to Promote CPA Offers
How to Promote CPA Offers

Now, what you need to understand about CPA offers is there’s big money there. Okay, there’s a big, big, big money in the space there. The money is quick. You can make the money extremely quick. You can go from making zero dollars a day to $50,000 a day. And that is not abnormal. But also this space is extremely competitive. This is possibly the most competitive space in all of affiliate marketing.

Important 3 Things in CPA Marketing – How to Promote CPA Offers

So, there are 3 things I’m going to go over in regards to CPA marketing. So, there are 3 things I’m going to go over in regards to CPA marketing. One is the networks. Okay? The affiliate networks. I’m going to go over some techniques with you today to promote it. And these are the real dirty techniques. And also education. Again, it’s hard to crack the nut on CPA marketing but the money is big and it comes in fast. So, but it’s extremely competitive to break into space.

Networks – How to Promote CPA Offers

1. A4D: So a few networks to join would be A4D. Okay? A4D stands for ads for dough. Again, most CPA marketers are putting up ads online in some way shape or form. And they’re trying to make money. So, kind of aggressive title there. That’s a great network. I’ve worked with Ads for Dough for a long time and I’ve made a lot of money with them.

2. AAO: AAO stands for Above All Offers. Above All Offers is another CPA network. They have a lot of nutraceuticals. A lot of legion CPA offers. They have a broad…

Both of these networks have a broad spectrum of offers that you can go out and promote. So, I definitely apply to both of these networks. when you’re working with CPA marketing. There’s a bunch of other CPA networks. Ad Combo, Jumbo Berry, Oasis, MaxBounty, etc. You can look those up on your own. Just Google top CPA affiliate networks and you’ll find a bunch.

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Techniques – How to Promote CPA Offers

Some of the techniques to promoting CPA offers are very aggressive because again, this is such an aggressive space. A lot of the products that you’ll be selling when you’re doing a CPA… When you’re doing CPA marketing is you know, let’s just say they’re very aggressive and a lot of ad networks don’t like them necessarily because the companies have sometimes sketchy histories. If you’re looking for the most, you know, products you would recommend your grandmother, you probably won’t find them on CPA networks. I’m going, to be honest. Their only goal is to pay affiliates as high of a commission as possible. CPA networks are really just pushed very firmly in the way of profits for marketers. But that being said, the product quality sometimes takes a dip.

So, the techniques to advertise these products… It’s like a weird cycle. But the techniques to advertise these products are typically black hat techniques which I’m going to go over. This is why I don’t do CPA marketing anymore because it’s very… It’s very aggressive. Just a little too off an aggressive area.

Link Cloaking: 

So, some of the techniques are cloaking. Link cloaking is the term used to kind of shield your link from ad networks. A lot of ad networks don’t like seeing the pre-sell pages that are used for CPA offers. A lot of the pre-cell pages, you can… You know, you may be using a fake celebrity endorsement or you may be using a, you know, like overhyped claims to you know get people to invest and binary options or cryptocurrency or whatever. 

A lot of people need to cloak their links. This means you are showing the end-user one site and you are showing the ad network another site. The technology to separate who’s an ad network or who’s an employee for an ad network and who is an actual end-user is pretty sophisticated. And there’s software out there that does that. And I’m not going to go too deep into that. But it’s called cloaking and you can do research on that on your own if that’s what you’re interested in.

Account Farming: 

I’m going to talk about is account farming. Now, this is not something I recommend at all. But this is the getting lots of add accounts so you can promote offers that are way too aggressive for mainstream ad networks. There are people out there called, you know, they are account sellers. But you can just google the term Account farming or you can, you know, google ad accounts for sale. And you will find people who are account farmers who will sell you add accounts that you can advertise on. There’s a whole underground market for people buying advertising accounts to place very aggressive ads on. Now, I’m not gonna go into that. I don’t endorse this. I don’t recommend this at all. But again, these are some of the aggressive tactics that are used to promote CPA offers.

Deep Analytics:

I’m going to talk about is deep analytics. Deep analytics is… It’s basically like being like a data forensics person or really being able to dive deep into data. When you are doing very aggressive marketing and when your life is just about making as much profit from your ads as possible, getting really deep into the analytics of what ads are working with what landing pages, on what geographies and what countries are very important. Being able to analyze data effectively allows you to go to the moon. It’s a very important skill if you want to make millions of dollars in online marketing.

A lot of advanced affiliates use are called clique trackers. They’re… Their programs such as Click Tool, Click Magic. There are a few different… There are a few different click trackers out there that give you a much deeper level into your data and they allow you to split test landing pages more effectively and what have you. But having deep analytics into your… Into your advertising is very helpful for creating marketing campaigns that go super, super big and earn you that.

So, CPA marketer is being so aggressive and being in that kind of you know, that kind of scarcity mindset is very unwilling to share their knowledge with people in general.

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I would also suggest you go on forums such as Stack That Money. So this forum STM called stack that money is kind of the forum where I learned about this industry. The forum is $99 per month I believe. And I remember it was a big stretch at the time to join this forum. It was back in 2014. But once I started reading about what other people were doing and marketing, the forum really helped me succeed. And I was one of the early people on this forum. And I also became very successful. So, I have a lot of a great deal of respect for STM. I think it’s a great forum and I learned a lot from there and it really helped me and my success.

Personal Contact:

Other ways, other places, you can learn about CPA marketing are from Charles Ngo, okay? He teaches CPA marketing in his… I don’t know if he has online. I believe he has an online program and he might do events. 

Another person is Tim Burd. Tim Burd is… He does advanced Facebook advertising events and he touches on aspects of CPA marketing.

My Final Opinion:

You’ll learn a lot about… I don’t talk much about CPA marketing anymore. But everything I do comes from a very, you know, comes from probably the most aggressive trenches of affiliate marketing possible.

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“If you have any questions about this method then don’t hesitate to comment. Stay Tuned with My Blog for Getting Various Latest Methods of Making Money Online”.


Raju Bhadra.