How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically?

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically? Top 5 Tips Step by Step

Welcome to my How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically blog post. We’re gonna be talking about one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. This is how to grow your youtube channel literally from zero subscribers. In this blog post, we’re gonna be going over the top five ways that you can do this. These are algorithm tricks and hacks that actually work we’re not talking about theoretical stuff. We’re talking about the five things that allowed me to grow my channel. and how you can actually use all of the information that I’ve learned over that time to immediately apply it to your channel.

If you’re thinking yourself just how in the heck. Do I actually get my first initial subscribers? Trust me, when I tell you you are not alone. The hardest part about youtube is actually getting your first thousand subscribers. So that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on today because once you have your first subscriber or your first 100 subscribers or your first thousand subscribers you are in the one percent of all people.

Most people will never have any subscribers to their youtube channel. Remember that everyone started from zero. Even pewdiepie who now has over a hundred million subscribers started from zero. and if he can do it. Then there’s no reason why you can’t too if you have the right information. If you’re feeling frustrated and you want to start growing faster on youtube then these are the five tips that are going to get you to that point the fastest starting.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically? Top 5 Tips Step by Step

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically?
How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically?

Tip number five is your youtube videos have to start with what is called a hook. people use hooks in all sorts of media and all sorts of content out there. The news uses hooks to get you to actually click on news stories. They use clickbait and BuzzFeed became famous for this. You can see it in all sorts of youtube videos and advertisements. People’s attention is extremely valuable and spread very very thin. People nowadays actually have been proven to have an attention span at the level of or even below an average goldfish. And what this means is since you get so many notifications on your phone.

 If you aren’t able to actually capture someone’s attention in a few seconds you’ve lost them entirely. This is the exact reason why you have to have a hook that actually catches a user’s attention. and actually makes them interested in learning more about your actual video this is why so many youtube videos actually use top threes or top fives or top tens because it structures the content. 

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Tip number four is you have to actually establish a connection with your viewers. People come to youtube for three reasons they come to youtube to be entertained, to learn or they come to youtube to relax. So you have to ultimately decide what your channel is going to focus on. Then you have to realize what actual form of connection you can make with your viewers. And if you don’t know what to do then go look at what the most popular YouTubers are in your particular niche. if you want to make a vlog channel obviously that’s going to go into entertainment.

If you want to make a music channel that has bamboo sounds and the sound of rain and things that’s obviously going to be relaxation or if you want to make a how-to channel how to make money online, how to work from home, how to grow their youtube channel. Then you have to actually understand how the most popular YouTubers structure their content and how they actually establish a connection with their overall viewers.

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Tip number three is you have to understand how youtube actually shows content. There’s three different ways that youtube generally shows new youtube videos. The thing is generally only about 10 to 20 percent of the people who watch your content are your actual subscribers 80 to 90 of people that view your content are not yet subscribers or they’re seeing you for the very first time. 

This means that every video that you make you should ultimately be made for people who’ve never seen you before. and are not yet your subscribers you want to remind them to actually like the video to subscribe to the video because most people will do that. if they actually find value from a video but more importantly you have to understand how youtube actually distributes your content to new people. The youtube

The algorithm is very complex and sometimes seemingly has elements of actual randomness a lot of what youtube does actually makes a lot of logical sense. Essentially how youtube videos go viral is youtube will show your video first to your notification subscribers. If they all watch the video click the thumbnail and consume a lot of the content then youtube will show it to more of your subscribers. If all of them also give a lot of positive signals they click on the thumbnail they watch the video.

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You know for a large percentage of time they engage with the video what that tells youtube is that video is probably interesting. and they’ll start showing it to larger batches of non-subscribers interested in what that video is actually about and if the video continues to perform with larger and larger segments of non-subscribers that is how a youtube video goes viral.

Now there are three different ways that youtube actually shows videos to new people. The first is called suggested videos, the second is called browse, and the third is called search. There are some other smaller ways that youtube actually shows videos like the home screen and things like that but ultimately all you have to know is. If you want a video to go viral there are two things that you really have to master. The first is called the click-through rate, and the second is called watch time retention.

If you can get a large percentage of people to actually click your thumbnail. when they see it right when they get an impression of it and you can get people to consume a large percentage of your overall video. Those are the two things that you want to relentlessly focus on to actually have your video have the highest chance of going viral. If you have a video that goes viral of course you’re gonna have more and more people who are actually subscribing to your channel. since they’re seeing you for the first time and obviously liking your content.

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Tip number two is something called SEO. Now the same way that Google actually organizes content for specific keywords on google youtube does much of the same thing. You have to remember that youtube is actually the second biggest search engine in the entire world. and it’s trying to organize millions and hundreds of millions of different topics and videos and the way by which it does. This is what’s called search engine optimization. When you first launch a video on youtube. Youtube has no idea what that video is about that’s why you have to tell youtube what it’s about. and what it’s related to and the way by which you do that is by making a keyword-rich title. You make a keyword-rich description and you use keyword-rich tags. 

The number one tip to grow on youtube is reverse engineering. What I mean by that is you don’t have to guess if you’re making content about phishing, if you’re making content about video games, if you’re making content about how to make money online. You can literally look at what works. Youtube is telling you what works youtube tells you what type of thumbnails work, what type of titles work, what type of content works, what type of descriptions work from an SEO perspective.

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Do you want to actually include the word how to make money online in your title and do you want to include the words down in the description don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all of this? You can do is you can literally look at what’s already working for other people who are having a huge amount of success on youtube. You can take those strategies. Then You can make them your own and you can implement those in all of the different videos that you actually go out to create. And that is the number one thing that will actually propel you and accelerate your massive success starting your youtube channel from complete scratch.

Final Opinion: How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically

So I hope this blog post was helpful and kind of explanation How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically. I’m an internet marketer. I’ve been running an internet business since 2012. I’ve been making thousands of dollars. And I’ve worked in a number of different fields but place, where I’ve made most of my money, is affiliate marketing. If you do want to learn more about making money online and even starting an affiliate marketing-based business, which any products it doesn’t require any customer support or fulfillment or any of that jazz. Then check my No #1 Recommendation.

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