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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically? ❤️Top FIVE Strategies❤️

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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

Welcome to my How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically blog post. We’re going to be breaking down how to grow your Instagram fast.  A lot of people teach you how to use all these bots and followers on all the fake stuff but Instagram is incredibly smart. They employ some of the smartest people in the entire world to shut down bots and to shut down fake accounts. 

So spending your time spending your energy and spending your money to try to grow your Instagram using all of that fake stuff is just going to bite you at the end of the day. So what we’re gonna talk about today is real strategies the top 5 strategies that you can use starting today to grow your Instagram organically with real people. A lot of people are thinking why do I want to grow my Instagram. This is not just some vanity metrics Instagram is good for business.

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Purpose of This Answer-Today Blog: How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically? ❤️Top FIVE Strategies❤️

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world. It was recently evaluated at over a hundred billion dollars and that’s the reason for that is because there are people on it there are millions of people who go on and scream every single day. If you are a business, if you have a product to sell, if you have a message right Instagram is the best place. You can get your message get your product to get your brand whatever it is out to your customers.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?
How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

5 – Cycling Your Hashtag

You probably heard the term Instagram shadowbanned. Shadowbanning means is basically when you use the same hashtags over and over and over again. Then the Instagram algorithm considers you potentially spamming. If you use the same 30 hashtags, you’re maximizing having the most hashtags you can possibly have when you’re using them again and again and again every day. 

Instagram will stop actually giving you the boost for those hashtags. So you have to actually act like a real person. How you do that is with what’s called cycling your hashtags. This basically means just using you know five hashtags one day and then using a completely different five hashtags the next day. There’s a ton of different ways to talk about the same things from different angles. but it’s very important to actually cycle your hashtags.

4 – Mix Up Your Hashtag Size

Strategy number four is mixing up your hashtag size. What I mean by that is different hashtags have different numbers of actual posts. So, for example, a hashtag like a business would have millions of posts. It’d be very very difficult to actually rank on to the explore page. Then your Instagram out there being seen by other potential people and other potential customers. so what you want to do is focus on actually having hashtags some of which are very popular and some of which are not. So what I like to do is look for some hashtags that have a lot less you know actual posts and then also mix in some that are much more popular.

so I might do hashtag entrepreneur hashtag motivation those would both be very popular hashtags. Then I might do something else and be like you know hashtag lifestyle entrepreneur or like hashtag you know a millennial entrepreneur. A lot less traffic but still have you know at least a few thousand people searching for them or you know making posts around those. 

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3 – Community Engagement

Strategy number three is community engagement. What I mean by that is when you actually make posts a lot of people think that you make a post. Then that’s it right you’re done. Instagram is always constantly trying to evaluate whether you’re a bot or a real person. If you’re a real person then they show your stuff to more real people. because they know you’re actually a real person right. They want to have the user experience for Instagram users be between real people not between people and BOTS that don’t care about them. 

And so what you do is when you make a post and people comment on it or they like it you always respond to their comments. If somebody comes and comments on your photos check out their profile. it’s real human behavior and when you do things right inside of Instagram. Instagram calculating all of it it’s tracking all of it whenever you click on a profile. They’re tracking that how long you stay on a profile, they’re tracking. They’re tracking what you’re liking you know what you’re commenting what messages you’re actually sending. 

So you just have that awareness that Instagram is constantly trying to see whether or not you’re a bot. Then basically when you’re actually engaging with your community it’s going to increase your connection with your followers. They’re gonna be much more likely to buy from you. And it’s also going to be proving to Instagram that you are more likely to be a real person.

2 – Leverage Your BIO and Handle

Strategy number two is leveraging your bio and handle. A lot of people think that they should just put their first and last names in their actual bio. but what you actually should do instead is optimize the SEO of your handle. What I mean by that right is search engine optimization. basically Instagram like every other software is trying to make you know the sense of all of the chaos of all the different profiles. How they do that? when your bio is concerned is you can use your bio as a place to put your keywords. 

so if you have a business you know around Amazon FBA. for example instead of putting you know your name in your bio you can put like Amazon FBA beast or something like that. Instagram gonna look at your profile and it’s gonna say okay we’re reading Amazon FBA on this profile. probably it has to do with Amazon FBA. If they have it in their bio. Then when people are actually searching for Amazon FBA. Then your profile is gonna be much more likely to show up than somebody who makes all these FBA posts.

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1 – Capitalize O Your Captions

Number one is capitalizing on your captions.  What I mean by that is people read captions. Instagram also scans through your options and uses it for SEO as well. so I like to have a big long caption. Your captions to be most interesting to them because if people are reading your whole caption. Then they’re very interested in you. They’re very interested in your profile and they’re very much more likely to actually make a purchase from you. Treat it like your own little blog. You don’t have to go make a blog you can have the captions be your blog for your Instagram. 

Write about what you’re thinking about, about revelations, you’ve had in your life or in your business. Then write about things that have changed your life or made you a happier and more fulfilled person. It depends on what your actual niche is but use the caption space doesn’t just put follow (Your Name). Put some actual effort into it. What your competitors are doing in your particular niche and see who’s doing it the best and then improve it. Make it better, make it your own and you will get more followers.

Final Opinion: How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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