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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads (Which Is Better?) My Honest Opinion

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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads

Welcome to my Google Ads vs Facebook Ads blog post. In this blog, I’m gonna be going over and comparing the pros and the cons, the strengths and the weaknesses of each of these different platforms for advertising your business. I’m gonna go over a number of data points about each of these businesses. Also, I’m also going to be comparing them to the pros and cons. So you can figure out what’s gonna be the best solution. what’s going to be the best fit for your business or before your startup to use to advertise.

Both ad networks reach billions of people. If you want to reach you can reach through both Google and Facebook. So there is no best. I’m going to go about is they are both for in you might prefer one over the other.

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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads
Google Ads VS Facebook Ads


In the case of Google ads… companies, and businesses and individuals spend 134 billion dollars a year of 2019. Facebook is about half as big, okay about 70 billion dollars was spent last year on Facebook ads. so both ad networks are pretty big Google’s a lot bigger. 

Here’s another interesting point. Google has four million businesses and companies and individuals advertising on Google. whereas Facebook even though it’s half the size has about double the amount of people advertising on it about 7 million people advertising on Facebook. so two ad networks but as you can see a lot more advertisers.

Pros of Google Ads:

Easier to Scale

The pros of Google is that a few things one it’s easier to scale. Google for a number of reasons it’s easier to spend a lot of higher sums of money using Google right than Facebook. You can grow that advertising much quicker. For various reasons basically Facebook has all these manual review limits. If you’re spending $100 a day and you’re making back $200 a day. You can scale that really quickly to $20,000 a day so you’re making $40,000 a day just a lot easier on Google.

Ad Approve

Google is ad approval is a lot easier. so depending on what you’re advertising you’ll be able to get away with making stronger claims talking about more benefits and just really just marketing a little bit more aggressively than you would be able to do on Facebook. Ad approval happens faster on Google more ads get approved it’s easier.


There’s less competition on Google. You see it’s twice as big but has half the number of advertisers. so the competition is about twenty-five twenty-something percent. Facebook relatively speaking everybody and their mother and their dog is talking about advertising on Facebook. The hot thing to do but less competition means lower costs as well on Google. So that’s a pretty interesting thing to note.

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Pros of Facebook Ads:

Easier Targeting

The targeting is a lot easier. You don’t have to know as much about marketing to target in fact Facebook doesn’t even recommend you do targeting anymore. They recommend you just let the ad run and their algorithm is so good. They can figure out who is interacting with your posts, they can figure out what your advertising, then they analyze your webpage and they just serve your ad to the most interested people. And they keep optimizing your audience for you which is just absolutely magical.

Ad Creation

They’ve made ad creation very easy. You can literally just put in a website and Facebook can figure out an ad for you. It’s very easy the process is just so simple you know you create an ad for Facebook and it can show up on Instagram. It can show up all over the place very simply so ad creation is easy.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)Targeting

Once again we’re talking about targeting here. Their AI is just on point Facebook has the most advanced artificial intelligence. There is in figuring out who your target market is who is going to be interested in not only seeing your ads but buying from your ads. They use both click-through rate data, view data, and conversion pixel data to optimize everything about it. It’s set it and goes and Facebook does most of the figuring out for you.

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Cons of Google Ads

UI (User Interface)

The negatives of using Google to advertise is their user interface. There’s a lot of options there’s no clear direction of exactly what to do for people who are just beginners. There are so many options it can be very overwhelming.


The other downside of Google is they’re targeting. They don’t have the advanced AI targeting that Facebook has. I mean Facebook’s far above and beyond of any company in this space. So many targeting options you can target by placements, keywords, topics, interests, demographics, etc . There’s just so many options that it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s changing right everything always changes and their algorithms.

so it’s just hard to get a read on what’s working best.  You have to be really skilled, good education to be able to understand how to fully utilize Google Ads. It’s also reason why there’s less advertisers. In order for a small business which typically doesn’t have a marketing professional on their team small businesses aren’t able as much to advertise on Google. It’s just a little more difficult for them.

Cons of Facebook 


There’s a lot of competition on Facebook, in fact, there’s about four times more competition on Facebook than Google. So you are competing with more people which in turn leads to more banner blindness.


The costs are just a bit higher on Facebook. A lot of people with same interest in here. Here, 50 different companies competing to sell the same product to the same people.

Ad Approval

The other negative about Facebook is ad approval. This is a major one because they don’t allow a lot of industries to advertise. Facebook prefers bigger brands or they prefer hyperlocal companies. So getting an ad approved on Facebook can just be a nightmare. They even ban accounts. They ban advertising accounts. Then they disapprove of lots of ads. It’s just a nightmare to get advertising on Facebook.

If you want to promote a weight loss product and you say weight loss in the ad your ad will be disapproved and your account may be banned just by saying the words weight loss. So ad approval is a serious issue having ad account shut down is a serious issue. It happens. It’s the nature of the game. if you want to do Facebook, I advise people to do is be really safe in your ads then run couple ad accounts. It’s not a big deal. No harm no foul but you might have to go a couple of ad accounts.

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My Final Opinion:

If you’re just starting out I would say Facebook is the best place to simply get started. if you’re advertising a business you have to understand that your ad accounts may be banned you may get ads have disapproved that’s the nature of the beast. but Facebook is gonna be much easier for the beginner because that’s what they focus on making. It easy to advertise the targeting that the interface everything. Then, If you have a business and you’re looking to grow it further Google is the best place to scale.

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