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Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020 – Make Money From Home!

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Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

Welcome to my Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020 blog post. Now I want you to imagine every morning when you wake up and you pull out your phone. And you see messages and emails saying congratulations you just earned fifty dollars and see that again and again. Before you even get out of your bed or even go to your work to face the boss.

That you hate to let that sink in for a moment right how would you like to have that earning ability? There’s exactly what I want to teach you in this blog post step by step. You’re about to see something you have never get exposed to before. Nobody is willing to give out free information like this to the public.

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Introducing Myself :

I am Raju Bhadra working with online marketing since 2012. At the very beginning, I worked cash my link CPA company by promoting watching movies. Then in 2014, I worked with Clicksure and Clickbetter. I promote their products by reviewing. After that, I was outside a few months for my LLB and LLM graduation. Then After 2016, I started to promote WarriorPlus and ClickBank Product and The Four Percent Group. After 2017 I started to release products in WarriorPlus. I released over 50+ quality products in WarriorPlus. Now at present, I am promoting various JVZoo products and My main focus on LEGENDARY MARKETER because I LOVE High Ticket Program and everyone should join a High Ticket Program.

Purpose of This Answer-Today Blog :

I am honestly saying my one and only purpose is to help people who want to make money online. When I was a green newbie I had searched for everything here and there and most of the time I don’t get the exact answer to my questions. So, I decided if I can then I will make such type of blog from where people can easily get their basic questions to answer. I will try my best to provide the best answers to your question.

The Working Website – Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

The website that we are going to be talking about in today’s blog post which is Remotasks calm. So before you skip the post or close the post or go on to the website and try it out by yourself I just want to give you a fair warning. Because there are a lot of people who go on to this website right and they are not making any money. I truly truly hope that you’re gonna pay attention for the next few minutes. I’m going to show you how you can actually do the job, how you can actually make money, how you can actually withdraw and cash out your money at the end of the day. There’s the most important thing we do this for the money right. Before we go into the actual strategy.

Sing Up The Website – Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

I want to help you to sign up and create a free account. And I want you to hover your mouse and go on to click on this blue sign up button so once you click on the sign-up button you can either log in out with your Facebook. or you can pull in your email and password and click on the sign-up button right here and you can create for a free account.

How This Website Works – Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020
Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

So right now I wanna show you how you can actually make money, how you can actually do different jobs on this particular website. They have said different main jobs that you can do as you can see right here. 

Image Annotation, Categorization, Image Transcription, Data Collection, Audio Transcription, and also Comparison. 

I’m going to show you each and every single one of them how you can actually do them. I’ll show you the actual example and also I will teach you what’s the best that you should focus on which one pays you the most amount of money. Which one is not consistent with which one is better and Sharif you some quick tips and strategy on how you can maximize your earning and also building on multiple streams of income on this particular website. You can see right here there are so many people here from different parts of the world they are doing regular jobs from home with their laptop with a computer with a mobile phone.

They’re creating an income on this particular website. I’ll show you how you can do the same right how can earn even more money compared with this guy and this guy right here. which I have my own method which I’m going to show you and teach you why it’s the best and how you can maximize your earning.

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Method 1: Image Annotation

Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

The first methods which are image annotation. It is pretty simple they’re gonna show some random images, for example, a car. For example that I showed you and also pictures about a dog the cat. They want you to draw a bounding box just draw a simple box drag it. That’s how you can make money and each and every one of them. They’re gonna pay you a small amount of money right so as you can see right here. They’re gonna show you an image, for example, this one and we’re gonna drag boxes on this particular image and press on submitting pass for this particular job. You are not gonna earn a lot of money. I’ll show you which one is the best okay but again you can still do it and earn some actual site income that’s pretty simple and easy just drawing boxes.

Method 2: Categorization

The second job is categorization. I pretty much love this because it is so simple with just one click of a button. you can make up to three dollars I mean again and again. There’s so much money if you do hundreds of them maybe 20 or 30 or 50 of them you’re gonna make good money. Just doing this right I’m going to show you some actual examples on how you can identify keywords that best describe the image. They provide for you, for example, they’re going to show you a close right you’re gonna find in a categorization keyword.

Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

For example, Beats Studio and they have multiple choice for me I’m gonna click headphones and click on submit pass. And we can earn money.

Method 3 : OCR / Image Transcription

The third one which is OCR / image transcription. So for this particular job you’re gonna transcribe important content from an image. It is the most difficult one and therefore they’re gonna pay you the most amount of money up to even 5 or 7 dollars by just doing that. Right now what does it mean right what is ocr / image transcription?

For example, they’re gonna give you a picture like this so what you have to do is you have to give certain keywords for this image. For example, you’re gonna see a toast for example green sea prawns for example you’re gonna see the vegetables you’re gonna see a plate you’re gonna see white colors so for this one single image you have to come up with a lot of different keywords that can best describe the pictures right. The more keywords the more words that you give them the more money that you’re able to make.

If you’re not so good in English this is a challenge for you. If you can get more out of the pictures more keywords for number one pictures you can give them 6 7 or even 10 different keywords. This is we can make a lot of money on this particular task but for me personally, I don’t do this a lot. I just focused much on this one and another one which I showed you later on on this blog post.

Method 4: Comparison

Number four is comparison. You can draw bounding boxes around various objects to help determine what it’s worth. so, for example, they’re gonna give you a picture like this and they’re gonna ask you a question please draw a box on the red card. You’re gonna click your mouse right use amongst your computer. And you’re gonna drag a box like this to highlight the red car. This is how you make money on this categorization. They want you to compare something right because they have blue-black and red cars and they want you to identify which is the red car so you’re gonna just highlight them. That’s how you can make money. It’s pretty simple is something similar compared to image annotation again this is a very simple job.

Method 5: Audio Transcription

The fifth one right audio transcription. Transcribe your voice recording for people to read. This one you’re gonna transcribe for example audio and video right and you’re gonna turn them into writing words. I’m gonna show you one example on how to do this, for example, they’re gonna have an audio file that you have to play them right and on the side, you have to type in the words that you listen from the audio file and the moment right you keep on doing this. You can see how much money you can earn on this then keep on increasing. After that you can transcribe them from audio into written words. You can click the submit pass and that’s how you can make money from audio transcription.

It is so difficult. If you wanna listen to something. It’s very difficult for you to type them all out. so this is what I personally I won’t do and I won’t recommend you to do this. Unless you have so much time and you wanna make some good money. I’ll highly recommend you to just focus on categorization and then also comparison these are the best ones.

Method 6: Data Collection

The last one which is data collection. You can search on the website and collects different data about anything for this. I don’t particularly have a lot of knowledge about this one.

I can give you some good information. This is what I believe in the right comparison and categorization just do them. You can make a lot of money but before you move forward and try out this website.

My Final Opinion – Earn $50 a Day PayPal Money in 2020

It’s not something consistent. It’s not something predictable someday you have a lot of jobs, someday you have no job. At all, so that’s a reason why I will highly recommend you to check out my no #1 recommendation. My no #1 recommendation to help you to generate a full time consistent predictable income online. You can do this even if you don’t have any experience and computer tech skills right this. I’m doing and I’m more than happy to share with you. I’m ever earning more than a thousand and eight hundred dollars in my first few days. This is incredible to feel free to check that out right now.

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“If you have any questions about this method then don’t hesitate to comment. Stay Tuned with My Blog for Getting Various Latest Methods of Making Money Online”.


Raju Bhadra.