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Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing (Which Pays More?)

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Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to my Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing blog post.affiliate marketing is too hard. Amazon’s FBA is too expensive. Whoa, stuff gets really heated when you have Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing battle. but let’s go into it. I’m gonna break up the fighting and let’s just assess the facts.

Introducing Myself :

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Purpose of This Answer-Today Blog: Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing

I am honestly saying my one and only purpose is to help people who want to make money online. When I was a green newbie I had searched for everything here and there and most of the time I don’t get the exact answer to my questions. So, I decided if I can then I will make such type of blog from where people can easily get their basic questions to answer. I will try my best to provide the best answers to your question. Join My Facebook Page Here & Look My YouTube Channel Here.


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Few Important Facts Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing: Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing

Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing
Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing

How Long Has Each Been Around:

Amazon FBA has been around for about ten years okay as long as Amazon’s allowed.

Other sellers in affiliate marketing have been around for about 25 years. So affiliate marketing has been around since basically the beginning of the commercial internet. It started just to give you an idea of affiliate marketing started with webcam and porn sites. So affiliate marketing is always kind of in and actually any Commission only sales related stuff on the internet has always had you know the phrase been led by the porn sites. Where people they need people to advertise them it’s harder to get into that.

Profit Margin:

The next thing to understand is that the profit margin in Amazon FBA vs affiliate marketing is a little bit different. The profit margins on Amazon are slightly smaller because you’re dealing with a physical product. You have to have business systems as an Amazon FBA seller. You’re buying products it’s a physical product that you actually have to manufacture in China. So oftentimes on average and I’m not saying this always has to be the case in either of these cases. but generally speaking, you see lower margins in Amazon FBA about 30%. 

Whereas an affiliate marketing generally you’re seeing higher margins of 50%. But that being said these can go up and these can go down both of them can change a lot. You don’t want to just look at profit margin alone when deciding on a business model and I’ll get deeper into that in a little bit.


What is the cost to get started? What you’re thinking how much money do I have to spend or really get into the business model now? I have and I good at both because I have lots of friends who have tried out both businesses. This is what it is if you’re starting an Amazon FBA business you’re gonna spend about five to ten thousand dollars to get started. To start an Amazon FBA business you have to buy the inventory first before you can sell. If you need to buy the inventory and you need to send it to Amazon’s warehouses. 

So that means you’re gonna have to spend money you’re gonna have to spend Freight you’re gonna have to do different documents regulatory documents if you’re buying from overseas which oftentimes people are buying products from China or India to sell here in the United States. So you need some extra money and capital to get started a minimum of five to ten thousand. Now some people will say they have a way you could get started with nothing or blah blah blah.

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A lot of that is just that words affiliate marketing you can get started for one to two thousand dollars now. The most realistic place to get started. You can actually start affiliate marketing for nothing. You could just join an affiliate Network and post links. but I advise people and I think the most realistic place to be is to have one to two thousand dollars to actually invest. It is training or a website or advertising or software tools to really give you the setup to allow yourself to have a competitive edge and win at this business of affiliate marketing.

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Customer Support:

If you’re an Amazon seller yes you need customer service. If somebody calls in about your product amazon needs you to have a business address. They can ship returns to amazon requires you to have a phone number. People can call in on if they have an issue with their order. so you need some sort of customer service. 

whereas affiliate marketing you need no customer service. You’re just linking people to another company’s product. So you really don’t need any customer service. You’re just essentially a commission only salesperson for the companies you’re working with.


You need inventory as an Amazon marketer or Amazon FBA. You need inventory you are actually selling physical goods to people. now inventory sucks.

whereas affiliate marketing you don’t have any inventory. You’re just again posting links and selling other people’s products for them. It’s really easy. You’re just a middleman. you’re just a marketer that’s it your job is just marketing not running a business.


Some businesses you almost are required to run ads. If you’re doing consulting oftentimes or if you’re running a Shopify business you’re almost required to run ads. If you want customers whereas on Amazon you don’t need to run ads. One of the positive aspects because you’re on Amazon for Christ’s sake. 

Whereas as an affiliate marketer I put yes and no.  A lot of affiliates I advise people the best way to do affiliate marketing I believe is with ads. I advise people to spend a hundred dollars on an ad campaign when they market a product that’s how I made thousands of dollars in spending money on ads. And scaling that up to spend money I’d find a winner. I spent a hundred to make 200. So I’d spend a hundred thousand to make two hundred thousand.

A lot of affiliates don’t need to do ads to be an affiliate marketer. In fact, I teach all sorts of different free traffic methods to do affiliate marketing on my YouTube channel (Raju Bhadra). You can see there should be free traffic.

Biggest PROS:

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. It’s one of the largest companies already in the world. They’re set to just completely take over eCommerce. They re-own over 50% of the market. I mean who knows they may become a monopoly kind of like Google is an own 90% of the market worldwide sometimes soon. They’re a huge success and they’re rising up very quickly so to be able to just be a part of that and just literally piggyback off their success is a huge Pro that is not to be underestimated.

Now the biggest Pro with affiliate marketing is how flexible. It is you don’t have to have customer service or support. You can do it anywhere you want.  You can market any product you really want a digital product, software product, services, lead generation companies, actual physical products, it doesn’t really matter.  Market anything you are passionate about which is one of the exciting things about it. You don’t really have to do any follow-up work when you’ve made your money or money’s good. you don’t have to service customers, have to talk to people. It’s the perfect business for introverts because there are so few moving pieces and it’s very scalable. so you can just sit back and both businesses are very scalable.

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Biggest CONS:

I am now the biggest con of Amazon. My opinion will be the product life is that when you list a product and when you find a winning product that you post on Amazon competitors come in really fast.  There are always people willing to just nickel and dime you down to your lowest possible margins because the suppliers are mainly based in China and oftentimes there are people who can get better rates or produce lower quality items and get lower prices whatever it is. But the product lifetime of listing a product on Amazon and finding a winner it’s oftentimes very short.

Whereas affiliate marketing the biggest con with affiliate marketing is it takes time. It takes a long time to learn it’s also just like Amazon it’s a competitive area. but to get into affiliate marketing you have to do a lot of trial and error.

Oftentimes you’re doing it alone so people just you know it takes people a lot of time to build up the confidence, to even post the link. A lot of people never had to go to war a lot of people out there sit in air-conditioned rooms and plan their cell phones all day. It takes four years to be full-time in affiliate marketing it took me three years to make my first commissions in affiliate marketing. So that gives you a sense for it can take a long time to actually really figure it out.

Conclusion: Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing

So I hope this blog post was helpful and kind of explaining Amazon FBA Vs Affiliate Marketing. I’m an internet marketer. I’ve been running an internet business since 2012. I’ve been making thousands of dollars. And I’ve worked in a number of different fields but place, where I’ve made most of my money, is affiliate marketing. If you do want to learn more about making money online and even starting an affiliate marketing-based business, which any products it doesn’t require any customer support or fulfillment or any of that jazz. Then check my No #1 Recommendation.

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