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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020 – Easy $400 Per Day!

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Welcome to my Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020 blog post. I’m going to show you for beginners how you can market amazon as an affiliate in 2020. And I’m going to lead you step-by-step right here in my blog post.

Now, I’ve made thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. I make about a thousand dollars a month. And Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs around. I’ll be showing you how you can sign up. How you can get traffic and how you get paid. So, let’s get into it.

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Introducing Myself :

I am Raju Bhadra working with online marketing since 2012. At the very beginning, I worked cash my link CPA company by promoting watching movies. Then in 2014, I worked with Clicksure and Clickbetter. I promote their products by reviewing. After that, I was outside a few months for my LLB and LLM graduation. Then After 2016, I started to promote WarriorPlus and ClickBank Product and The Four Percent Group. After 2017 I started to release products in WarriorPlus. I released over 50+ quality products in WarriorPlus. Now at present, I am promoting various JVZoo products and My main focus on LEGENDARY MARKETER because I LOVE High Ticket Program and everyone should join a High Ticket Program.

Purpose of This Answer-Today Blog :

I am honestly saying my one and only purpose is to help people who want to make money online. When I was a green newbie I had searched for everything here and there and most of the time I don’t get the exact answer to my questions. So, I decided if I can then I will make such type of blog from where people can easily get their basic questions to answer. I will try my best to provide the best answers to your question.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Now first, if you don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, it might help to understand this bit before we move forward. Because affiliate marketing is kind of a complex new concept. It flies over most people’s heads. But it is the future of sales and marketing. So, how it works is basically there is an affiliate network, okay? And Amazon is an affiliate network because you can sell any product on Amazon and make money. And Amazon would pay you. 

So now, with an affiliate network, there are also affiliates and then there are customers. And the way it works is that as an affiliate, you will get a link from amazon and you will deliver that link to the customer. So, amazon gives you a link and you put that link on the internet, on sites like google Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. And the customer clicks the link and if they buy a product then you get your commission.

Amazon Affiliate Commissions – Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020
Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Typical commission is about 5% on amazon. You can make anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of whatever anybody buys on amazon. And amazon sells about a billion dollars worth of product every single day. So, that means roughly, the opportunity for affiliates is about 50 to a hundred million dollars every single day. So, there’s a lot of money to be made.

Sign Up Amazon – Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Now, what this looks like is when you sign up, you will see this big thing called Amazon Associates site stripe. And this is how I get my affiliate links. But to get this little toolbar which is supplied by Amazon to show up, what you need to first do is you need to go to and you need to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page.

we’re going to click right here “become an affiliate”. You click that to sign up. They accept affiliates from almost every country in the world. And as you see right here, earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted partner, e-commerce leader. And it’s free to join, okay? So, we’re going to click right here to join. And they tell you how much you can get paid. You know you earn different amounts on different items. So, you’re only 5% on digital goods. Different products, you earn different amounts on. But you can earn up to 10%. So, we’ll click “join now for free”. And that would be how you join. Now, once you’ve joined, this site stripe will show up on any time you go to Amazon, okay?

How to Get Affiliate Links – Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

This little bar up here and where you’ll get your links. So, how do you get links for a specific product? Here’s a really good book I recently read. It’s by Cormac McCarthy called Blood Meridian. The amazing western book that takes place in the kind of Texas Mexico border during the wars with Mexico in the 1800s. I mean, it’s unbelievable. This author also wrote The Movie No Country for Old Men. And he has a whole series of books that take place and usually Texas or the south and they’re really dark but really good. And just… I mean they’re good reads.

You may choose various products in various categories. A lot of products inside the Amazon marketplace. 

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links?

We understand how affiliate marketing works. We know what we’re going to promote. We’re going to talk about a book but how do we get traffic. There are plenty of ways to get traffic. Can you actually name a place you can’t post a link?

You can post links on Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn. You can place links anywhere on the internet. 


Quora is a question and answering site, from where people ask various questions and other people provide their best answers. So, what I’m going to do though is I am going to… Or maybe all I answer somebody’s question. And I’ll type in Blood Meridian, okay? Who is the judge in Blood Meridian, okay? So, I’m going to talk about this book and I’m going to say, “The judge is the personification of death.” You know, so I’m just going to answer this and I say, “The judge in Blood Meridian is the personification of death.” Okay. So, I just rose his sentence and I’d say, “I highly recommend this book as well as Cormac McCarthy’s other books in the Border Trilogy. You can get it here.” And I just put a link and then I put submit. And boom! 


We could find book clubs. You know, maybe he has a fan page Cormac McCarthy support group. Right? Maybe we can find book clubs, okay? So, let’s see if there are any book groups. Here’s a book club on Facebook. So, we could join it. Usually, you have to write you know, answer a couple of questions to join a book club. Or you know any group on Facebook. So, you could join this group. Monthly book group. And join group, boom! And there are some questions. So, you could join those groups and post links to books. You could do a lot of different things to get your link out there. There’s a lot of places where people talk about books. 

There’s a lot of places where people talk about books. You could start an Instagram profile about books. You could do a YouTube video.


Now, it might have seemed pretty easy because it is very easy. And the fact of the matter is affiliate marketing is so simple and that’s why it’s exploding. Now, the only thing about Amazon affiliate marketing that you have to understand is that 5 to 10 percent commission, while that seems pretty nice, it’s actually quite low, okay? And there are products that you can sell as an affiliate where you can earn as much as 90% commissions. In fact, if you’re a really advanced affiliate marketer, there are sites where you can earn 1000% commission.

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“If you have any questions about this method then don’t hesitate to comment. Stay Tuned with My Blog for Getting Various Latest Methods of Making Money Online”.


Raju Bhadra.