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How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing? (50+ Emails/Day)

How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing

Introduction: How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to my How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing blog post.

Do you want to build your emails list? In this tutorial, I’ll show you my real-life case study of how I build lists/emails for affiliate marketing. You can build your list for any niche following the same ways. I’ll show you both free and paid ways to build your lists/emails. 

If you want to start email marketing then you have to build your lists/emails first. It’s your lifetime wealth. If you can build your lists/emails once then you can get the benefits for a lifetime. Emails marketing is the one and only way by how you can make sales from the same customers over and over. So, every successful marketer suggests anyone build their lists/emails first. 

Most importantly, if you can build your list at the same time you can promote your affiliate offers too. I build my list and at the same time, I promote various high-ticket programs or ClickBank, or any affiliate products. As a result, I build my email list and make affiliate commissions at the same time.

The Best Part of This System!

– You can start build lists/emails today 

– Get 50+ emails/leads 

– Build Emails in Any Niche 

– Perfect for Anyone 

– 100% Beginner-Friendly 

– No marketing/working Experience is Needed!


What Do You Need to Build Lists/Emails?

If you want to start Email marketing you have to build your list first. Otherwise, it’s impossible. So, if you want to build an email list then you need these 3 mandatory elements. 

1. Autoresponder: Firstly, you have to choose an autoresponder. It can be Getresponse, mailchimp, Sendlane, Aweber, etc. All are recognized and professional autoresponders for email marketing. But, I prefer Mailchimp for the starting of email marketing. Why? Because it’s free! You can add 2,000 contact/emails for free. After that, you have to pay monthly fees. So, as a beginner it’s perfect. Not only a beginner but also anyone.

2. Landing Page: For building a landing page you don’t need to buy any other tools or software. You can easily build your landing page using any autoresponder. Every autoresponder provides this service for its users. So, if you choose Mailchimp then you get both autoresponder and landing page build features.

3. Traffic: Now, the most important part is traffic. You can get traffic in both free and paid ways. 

Free Way: How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing

Website: If you want to build your list free then you have to build a website. You have to make helpful content here. Suppose, you can make health-fitness, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, sports, etc related websites. Then you have to make helpful content for your targeted audiences. Inside your post, you can set your landing page link and get free buyer lists/emails.

YouTube: Like the website, you have to make YouTube videos. If you make a website and create content here then you can make videos using the same content. It’s the best way. And inside the description of your video, you can add your landing page link.

Then if you are totally a newbie and unable to make YouTube videos then use Creative Commons (CC) videos. These videos are allowed for reusing. Here are no copyright issues. SO you can use other people’s content as your own.

Social media: If you make a website or make YouTube videos then you can easily this content on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and get huge traffic and emails. In this way, you can build your lists/emails fast!

Paid Way: How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to build your lists/emails fast then you have to run ads campaigns or buy solo ads. Solo ads mean you can buy direct clicks from other marketers. If you want to run ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube then you have to follow a lot of rules, then you need huge marketing skills, otherwise, you can’ get better results. As a beginner it’s tough. 

For this reason, I always prefer Solo Ads. You don’t need any working or marking skills here. Just find out good sellers from and contact with him. After that, if you think it’s the performance for your niche then you can buy from him. Then you can send your buying traffic into your landing page to build your list/emails fast. It’s super fast! But, you have to invest money here. Don’t worry. If you buy solo ads then you can build your lists/emails on the other hand you can make affiliate commissions at the same time. It’s the benefits of lists/emails building. So, if you invest your money here then you can get instant feedback. 

Final Opinion: How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing

In conclusion, I want to say if you want to long run your online business then build your buyer lists/emails. Emails are lifetime wealth. So, you if can build your lists/emails then you never think about making money online. You can make affiliate commissions or if you wish you can sell your emails from time to time. So, it’s a powerful weapon for online business. If you really want to long run your online business then start building lists/emails. 

In this tutorial, you get both free and paid ways. If you wish free is perfect then follow the freeways. On the other hand, if you want to build super-targeted buyer lists/emails fast then follow the paid system. I hope you must get better results from both sides. 

So, friend starts your emails marketing journey from today and continue for a lifetime. This tutorial is perfect for anyone to understand and apply. Thanks for watching this ‘How to Build Buyer Email Lists for Affiliate Marketing’ tutorial.

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