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Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank | ✅ 100% Free ✅

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Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank
Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank
Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

Introduction – Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank | ✅ 100% Free ✅

Welcome to this brand new Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial. Are you struggling to make Clickbank Affiliate commissions? It’s a perfect newbie-friendly and 100% free method to earn Clickbank commissions. It’s one of the best Clickbank tutorials for 2021.

A lot of marketers try to make money on Clickbank. Clickbank affiliate marketing is not as easy as anyone can get results. Actually, affiliate marketing is based on your traffic sources. Inside this tutorial, I mainly focused on the traffic part. If you can solve the traffic problem then you’re able to make ClickBank sales.

Honestly, I suggest you o watch the full tutorial and follow the exact method. I hope you get better results than ever before. Most marketers use various not workable and scam methods to promote Clickbank products and get failed. If you can follow this proven way you must get results.

You don’t need to do any hard work. You can use other people’s content to generate traffic and make sales. So dear friends, follow this unique & proven method to make Clickbank affiliate commissions.

Why You’ll Love This Method? Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

1- You can promote Clickbank Product 

2- You can earn OVER 100+ per day 

3- You can use other people’s content 

4- You can make passive money online 

5- 100% free traffic (Nothing to invest) 

6- Don’t need to use/buy any tools/software 

7- Don’t need to wait for getting results. 

8- You don’t need any coding skills/marketing skills/working skills 

9- Just spend less than 30 minutes per day 

10- 100% beginner-friendly

Introducing Myself:

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How to Promote Clickbank Products Free

The Step-by-step Process of This Brand New ClickBank Method:

This is one of the easiest ClickBank methods for anyone. It’s 100% Free and Beginner-friendly. I’ll show everything step-by-step in this blog.

If you can follow these simple 3 steps then you can follow this method. First, you need a ClickBank Account. So, you have to sign up on ClickBank. Second, You have to choose the best products to promote. after sing up, you’ll get all products to access to promote. Third, the most important part, it’s Traffic.

Don’t worry, I’ll show clearly all these 3 Steps point to point. If you are seriously interested in ClickBank Affiliate Marketing then it’s a perfect free method.

How to Create A Clickbank Account?

If you want to follow this method you need a Clickbank account. If you already have a Clickbank account then fine, otherwise you have to create a Clickbank account. 

First, visit the website. Then create a new account. Now, you have to fill up some information about yourself. Your country, first name, last name, phone number, email address, your password, and finally, continue to terms & conditions. 

It takes 48 hours for you to approve your account. After getting approval you can get all category products access to promote. 

Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

Simply, follow the process to create a Clickbank account.

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 How to Get Access to Clickbank Products & Affiliate Links?

After creating your Clickbank account, you can get access to promote Clickbank products. Sign in to your Clickbank account. Then Go Clickbank marketplace. You get a lot of categories here. Now, you can choose your niche and get access to products and affiliate links.

If you want to get the best products from the Clickbank marketplace then you have to notice a few things. The most important factor is the Gravity score. That means how many affiliates make sales of these products. If the gravity store is high then you can choose that product. You can notice this product is rebilled or not, is there any upset or not, etc. But you have to mainly focus on Gravity Score. 

Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

If you apply this method then you have to choose ‘dog training niche. Search on the bar Dog Training. Then you’ll get a lot of dog training products. You can choose the best product from here. Then click the promote button to the affiliate link. 

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How to Get Unlimited Traffic for Clickbank Affiliate Links?

Now, I’ll show you how you can generate unlimited free traffic using other people’s content. It’s really an amazing system to generate traffic. I hope you enjoy this method. 

First, you have to visit YouTube. Then search ‘How to Train Your Dogs’. Now, click the filter and select Creative Commons. Then you’ll get all Creative Commons videos. Creative Commons means copyright-free videos by Youtube. You can reuse these videos. 

Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank

Now, you can download videos and reuse them as your own video. It’s really interesting. You can use other people’s videos and get traffic. 

Now, you can think about how can I get traffic using these videos? Okay, right! Right now, I’ll show how you use these videos to get unlinked traffic. 

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Now, visit the website It’s a video platform like YouTube. You can upload various categories of videos here. Over 385.7K viewers watch videos from this site. Now, you have to upload your Dog training videos here. You’ll get unlimited viewers and clicks. 

The best part of this video platform is…. you can use direct affiliate links inside the video description. Now, see how to upload videos here.

First, you have to signup here. Then you’re able to upload your videos. Select tour file, Then put video title. You can use the same title that you download from youTube, Then select the category. You have to select the ‘How to” category. 

Then Put the video description. You can use the same video description of the downloaded video. Your task has been completed. Now, click the upload button and get unlimited targeted buyer traffic. 


At last, I just suggest you be an active worker. Otherwise, you can’t shine in online marketing. If you can do your task regularly then you’ll be able to get results. It’s a simple method. Just follow all the 3 Steps to get ClickBank results.

Finally, I want to say as a beginner it’s perfect. But, as an advanced marketer I can’t recommend this method. You should start master-level marketing. You can build a website or make YouTube videos. First, You can choose any of the ClickBank niches. Then start blogging like me, or make YouTube videos. If you can start this type of professional marketing then you can generate unlimited traffic and sales.

Now, it’s an opportunity to start your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing journey. I hope you can start this method very easily. Then if you continue this task then you get results. Thanks for reading this article. Best wishes for you and your ClickBank journey.

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Easiest Way to Make Money on Clickbank | ✅ 100% Free ✅