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What Are The Most Important Sales Skills – ❤️ Top 3 Important Skills

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What Are The Most Important Sales Skills

Welcome to my What Are The Most Important Sales Skills blog post. Nothing is more frustrating when you spend all that time and effort talking to a prospect, and then, in the end, you don’t close the sale. Today, I’m going to teach you the three most important skills that you must understand and master in sales if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or a successful salesperson. You see, most people don’t know how to communicate. Fewer know how to sell, almost no one knows how to close. If you’re a salesperson, if you are a business owner, it is your duty, it is your obligation to close that sale.

Now maybe, the kind of close that happens, maybe it happens after a presentation that you have given in a conference room. Maybe it happens over the phone. Maybe it happens in a shop. Then maybe it happens in a showroom, or maybe it happens in a home kind of setting, or maybe it happens after you do an online demo. Whenever and wherever a close that is supposed to happen, it is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to close that sale. Most salespeople do not get this, right? They get very good at everything else. They are very good at prospecting, or maybe they get very good at cold calling. 

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Then they are doing very well in terms of outbound, or they are very good at giving presentations, or they’re very good at giving people demo online. But unless you close that sale, nothing happens. You become a very, very good presentation giver. You become a very good demo guy, and guess what? Those things don’t get you to the bank. Closing is the only thing that gets you to the bank. So today, let me teach you three things, the three skills that you must know, three important skills you must master if you want to earn more money.

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What Are The Most Important Sales Skills – ❤️ Top 3 Important Skills

What Are The Most Important Sales Skills
What Are The Most Important Sales Skills

#1 – The Ability to Empathize Your Customers

Sales skill number one, the ability to empathize with your customers. You see, if you’re selling low ticket items or you’re selling a commodity, you work in a retail shop, people come in, they grab and go, or you’re selling something that’s transactional. You just show them the aisle, or you show them stuff, well, you don’t really need to have empathy, because you’re just providing a quick answer, a quick solution. However, if you’re selling anything that is significant, if you’re selling something that’s the high ticket, you need to have deep empathy. One thing I always say is these people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When you are selling something at a higher price, at a high transactional value,

your customers need to know that you’ve got their back. And you have to be able to connect with people. You know what, if you want one big secret when it comes to having tremendous success when it comes to closing, here’s one: give a damn. Actually give a damn about the wellbeing of your customers. Give a damn about their results. Give a damn about their outcome. When you give a damn, if your product or service are not a good fit, you gotta tell them it’s not a good fit. If there’s other people, there are other people that could provide a better service, better than you, you will not hesitate to recommend that to your prospect.

#2 – The Ability to Uncover Challenges and Discover Your Prospects Pain Points

Skill number two, and that is the ability to uncover challenges and discover your prospect’s pain points. I always say, no pain, no sale. The problem is, is not that you don’t know how to sell. The problem is, you don’t know how to diagnose. Most salespeople, they talk too much. They don’t know how to ask questions. You’re losing sales, not because you don’t have product knowledge. You know your products or services very, very well. You’re losing sales because you can not diagnose exactly what your prospects’ problems and concerns are.

You see, your product doesn’t drive sales. Nobody cares about that. Problems drive sales. In order for you to motivate, inspire and empower your prospects to buy right now, you need to be able to understand and diagnose exactly what their problems are. Does that make sense? So think about this as where they are at, where your prospect is at. This is where they wanna go. From where they’re at to where they wanna go, guess what?This is a gap.

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There’s this gap, it is your job as closer to making the prospect understand how your product or service or solution can bridge that gap. If you don’t understand what this gap is, you’re not gonna close the sale. If all you do is keep pushing your features and benefits, they’re not gonna buy. That doesn’t motivate them to buy. Then you’re gonna get objections like, “Yeah, you know what, “that sounds good, but I kinda wanna think about it. “Let me get back to you.” Or maybe, “Follow with me in six months.” When you can help your prospects understand that you are the perfect company to help them bridge that gap, that’s when they buy.

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#3 – The Ability to Handle Objections

Skill number three, and that is the ability to handle objections. Now, you’ve seen this a lot, people talk about how to handle objections in sales. You know, your prospect says this, then you’re gonna say that. This is how you’re gonna respond, this is how you’re gonna reply. All that is good, but my approach when it comes to objections, I actually do not like to handle objections, because the way I see this, if you’re thinking about handling objections, you are being reactive.

You’re waiting for the prospect, you say this, then I’m gonna do that, it’s like a martial art, right? Someone throws a punch, and then I’m gonna do this, and then he throws a kick, then I’m gonna do that. You’re always playing catch up, you’re playing defense. I would much rather play offense. I believe the best defense is a good offense. Then I like to preempt objections. I like to set the agenda so objections don’t even come up. Done properly, objections don’t even come up. And another thing I believe in is, I don’t use a script.

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A lot of sales gurus or trainers, they wanna teach you, okay, this is a script that you use. This is exactly what you’re gonna say, this is how you say it line-by-line. I compare that, it’s like going to a boxing match with a predetermined plan. I’m gonna throw a jab, and then he’s gonna do this, and then I’m gonna throw a hook, I’m gonna throw across, I’m gonna throw an uppercut, it is stupid. You can not pre-plan too much. You need to have flexibility, or Bruce Lee said, you gotta be like water, my friend, to be able to do that. I’d much prefer to preempt objections versus handle objections. Preempting is proactive, handling is reactive.

Final Opinion: What Are The Most Important Sales Skills

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How Do I Start ClickBank Affiliate Marketing For A Lifetime?