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What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020? Get Three-Step Formula!

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What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020

Welcome to my What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020 blog post. I teach how you could develop a high-income skill. But today we’re not going to talk about high-income skills. We’re gonna talk about how do you actually create wealth. How do you earn high income as an employee and where do you find a good company to work for 2020. If you are an employee and you’re looking for companies to work for, then I want to give you a three-step formula.

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What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020?

What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020
What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020

1 – Find The Company:

First of all finding the company. There are a few choices in fact I would say there are three choices. First, you can find a big company, a big corporation to work in. That’s got name brand that you know they are established. They’ve got a lot of money right Google, Amazon, Facebook. It doesn’t have to be a tech company, it could be any of these big companies. If you are willing to climb that corporate ladder within X amount of years. You could rise up to the top if you’re good to earn a great living a great income as an employee in a big corporation.

Now the second choice that you have is a financial services company. I’m talking about banks, brokerages, investment companies, insurance companies, people within those companies at the top level earn a lot of money. Some six-figure, sum multiple six figures, in some cases even seven-figure right in those industries. Because those industries are highly profitable. They have got money and they’re willing to pay that top person a lot of money because there’s a lot of cash coming into those industries. Now it’s gonna take you years and years and years of hard work that’s a given. And I believe also maybe a degree of luck in order to earn income that you want.

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The third choice that you could have that you could choose is we choose a hyper-growth company in a high-growth industry. now there’s a catch the catch is whoever is the seal that seal has to be a visionary has to have that entrepreneurial spirit has to be willing to give the team. The employee’s opportunity to grow which is very rare. so don’t come back to me and say oh you know then I work for this company it’s like hyper growth but the whole CEO is he’s an idiot well that doesn’t count assuming. 

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The CEO is not an idiot assuming and the CEO is a leader. It is a visionary working for a company like that not only you will learn a tremendous amount at the same time. You would also be able to participate it could be if this company’s going somewhere employee stock options equity bonus sharing and so many other structures. So that’s what I would recommend. so assuming now you find the ideal company that you want to work for as an employee.

2 – Become a Valuable Employee:

The second step is you want to become a valuable employee. What you’re supposed to do going the extra mile. upgrading your skill sets. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. You want to be the superstar, you want to catch people’s attention, you want to catch the CEO’s attention to become valuable within the organization. This step number two now you would earn more you’ll be given more responsibility, you’ll be given more opportunity.

3 – Become an Invaluable Employee:

Third step once you become valuable. Now you want to become invaluable. When you are invaluable you are irreplaceable. what do I mean by an irreplaceable but meaning that you are solving problems before it comes up in any company!

The most valuable positions are the positions that either generate revenue or generates profits and there’s a difference generates revenue or generates profit if you could put yourself in a position in those positions and you do well and you’re able to be the Rainmaker for the company for the organization that you’re working for and it is in a high-growth industry guess what you will become invaluable and when you are invaluable when you are irreplaceable meaning it’s not easy to find someone to replace whatever you are doing for the company.

Now you can earn a lot now you could be a man a lot.  If the CEO is a visionary that the CEO would want to give you more incentives would want to give you more compensation. Because you are invaluable to the company whatever that he or she is paying you. It is a great return every single dollar that is invested in you he’s getting a great return it’s a no-brainer.

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My Verdict: What Are The Best Companies To Work in 2020

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