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Poor People VS Rich People ~ Major 7 Things for Difference

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poor people vs rich people

Welcome to my Poor People VS Rich People blog post. Seven things poor people do that the rich don’t. In this blog post, I’m going to share 7 things that can differentiate poor people and rich people. Stay tuned with this blog post. 

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Poor People VS Rich People ~ Major 7 Things for Difference

poor people vs rich people
poor people vs rich people

#1 – Poor People Watch TV, and Rich People Read Books

Number one, poor people watch TV, and rich people read books. How many hours you spend in front of the TV, and when was the last time you read a book? How many books do you read per year?

#2 – Poor People Get Paid Based on Time and Rich People Get Paid Based on Results

Number two, poor people get paid based on time, rich people get paid based on results. Let’s say you’re working at McDonald’s, you may be the best floor cleaner on the planet ever, but what value do you bring to McDonald’s? Rich people, we get paid based on results, not time invested. Let’s say we’re working on a product, we spent a year creating, perfecting the product, we bring it to the marketplace, and it sucks, it bombs, it doesn’t make us a dime. The world doesn’t give a fu*k.

We don’t make money. Nobody cares how much time, blood, sweat, and tears were put into creating a product and bring it to the marketplace. How much risk we take, they don’t care. What they care about are results. That’s why the highest-paid athletes in the world, they don’t get paid by how many hours they practice, how many times they invested, no, it is how much they perform. They get paid based on performance.

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#3 – Poor People Blame Others for Their Misfortunes and Rich people Take Responsibility for Own Failures

Number three, poor people, they blame others for their misfortunes. Rich people, we take responsibility for our own failures. You see, for poor people, it’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s the economy, government, boss, job, city, neighbor, then it’s my friends, etc. It’s always somebody else. but It’s never their own fu*king fault.

Rich people, we take responsibility. If your life stinks it’s your fault. We take responsibility for our own actions. When you take responsibility, what happens is you gain power. The power to change. The power to do something different. Remember, lame people blame people.

#4 – Poor People Focus on Saving and Rich People Focus in Investing

Number four, poor people focus on saving, and rich people focus on investing. You know what? Don’t drink that Starbucks coffee in the morning, try to save a few dollars in here and there. Don’t fly first class, fly economy. Always try to save a few dollars. Well, here’s the thing, a penny saved is still a fucking penny. You’re not gonna get rich by trying to save a few bucks. I think You don’t have a saving problem, you have an income problem. You need to earn a lot more money, so you could invest.

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#5 – Poor People Know Everything and Rich People Continuously to Learn

Number five, poor people, they know it all. Rich people continue to learn. You see, poor people are always very opinionated. They always want to tell the world about their opinions, politics, sports, society, the government, about every single thing that’s around them. Versus being humble, willing to learn. Rich people, we’re always learning. We’re asking questions, we are listening, we are reading books, continuous learning. Versus, saying that I’ve got an opinion about fu*king everything. Do you know why they always have an opinion, poor people? Because the only way to get a little bit of fu*king attention.

#6 – Poor People Believe Money is The Root of All Evil and Rich People Believe Poverty is The Root of All Evil

Number six, poor people believe that money is the root of all evil. Rich people, we believe that poverty is the root of all evil. You’ve heard of the saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” No, lack of money is the root of all evil. I want you to look at the poorest neighborhoods. I want you to think about those areas. Crime, drugs, problems, all kinds of issues. You see, in the history of mankind, no banks been robbed by someone pulling up in a Rolls-Royce. It is the survival, it’s the lack of money, that’s causing the issue. Money itself is neutral. Money is like a tool, you can use it for good, or you can use it for evil. It is all up to you.

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#7 – Poor People Have Lottery Mentality and Rich People Have Action Mentality

Number seven, poor people have the lottery mentality, and rich people, we have an action mentality. You see, most people, believe the only way to get rich is by buying that lottery ticket. Even though they know that the chance of winning is slim to none, but they buy that fantasy. Hopefully, if I win I’m gonna buy that house, I’m gonna quit that job, I’m gonna take that vacation. No, rich people have an action mentality.

We believe if it’s going to be it is up to me. I’m gonna make it happen. I’m gonna make myself successful. I don’t need to rely on some third party, and I definitely don’t need to rely on some lottery ticket. I’m gonna make it happen. So those are the seven things that poor people do that the rich don’t.

Final Opinion: Poor People VS Rich People

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