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How to Start An Online Business? 2 Important Tips

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How to Start An Online Business

How to Start An Online Business

How to Start An Online Business
How to Start An Online Business

Are you thinking of starting an online business, but you don’t know where to start now? I don’t blame you because it could be confusing and overwhelming when it comes to starting an online business. There are so many options and so much noise on the internet.

But let me keep it simple for you when it comes to starting an online business. You have two options: either you sell a service or you sell a product. Now, when you’re selling a service, you’re selling your expertise, you’re selling your skillsets. Then when you’re selling a product it Could be a digital product, intangible right like software, or it could be a physical product, something that you could sell through an e-commerce store. It’s that simple.

Now, when it comes to starting a business, the two most important questions you need to ask before you do anything.

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How to Start An Online Business

How to Start An Online Business? 2 Important Tips

Number one, Does it have high-profit margins?

Why margins are so critical think about this? If you sell a product for ten dollars and it costs you eight dollars to get or to create or to buy, you have a two-dollar profit margin. Well, that is going to be very, very challenging when it comes to scaling your business.


Because you only got two bucks for each unit to pay for people to pay for your traffic source to pay for marketing. On the other hand, if you buy something for two bucks and you sell it for ten dollars now. Your margin, your profit margin, is a lot better. You see business is a game of margins, not volume. Just because you’re doing a lot of transactions and volume, it doesn’t mean that you’re making a good profit.

So the good old concept of buy low and you want to sell high, makes sense.

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Number Two, Are They Actively Looking for Solutions?

Your potential prospects, your potential clients, and customers. Are they actively looking to buy what you have to offer now? How do you know? Are they actually proactively looking to buy what you have to sell? What you don’t want to do is well, I think they are interested. I think people will love this right. My mom, My wife, My husband like it. Well, that’s not good.

Are they searching for these types of products online? If you check the keywords, are people searching for these types of products and needs and solutions online? It’s much easier to sell something that they’re already looking for versus trying to create that demand because there are two types of demands you have existing demand and you have created demand, it’s always easier to create something that has an existing demand. You don’t need to convince and tell people why they need it.

They already know why they need it. They’re, just looking for the best options to buy question number three and it’s the most important question of all, and that is: is it on trend-based it on-trend?

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Now imagine if you are selling a cd and it may be a great cd now for some you’re watching you don’t even know what a cd is. It’S what people used to listen to for music right, they listen to songs on a cd, but nowadays we listen on iTunes or you know, through mp3 or online we don’t buy CDs anymore, it’s not on-trend. So you want to sell something. That’s actually on a trend that you know that this is taking off.

A lot of people are searching for it, and also it has good profit margins that you can buy low and sell high, and one of the options that you could use is to go to, and you can see there are billions literally billions of products that You could choose from has tens of thousands of manufacturers. You can talk directly with those manufacturers without any middleman. In between that means, you get the products with the lowest price and make the highest profit margin.

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You’ll actually see a section called trend hunter. You see exactly what products are trending, what products are popular. You want to write those trend products under that section are recommended through Alibaba’s entire data points, and it’s designed to help you to find the winning products easily and you can look through those and you can find the ideal products that resonate with you.

Maybe a niche, a category that you’re interested in starting small pick a couple of products, get it going and learn the game as you market better.

You learn the e-commerce game. As you are gaining experience, then you say: hey you know, let me buy more and more products.

So is a great option and it doesn’t matter if it’s a product business or a service business if you’re serious about starting your online business, and you want to take control of your own destiny. My advice is this: you don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.

Final Opinion: How to Start An Online Business

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How to Start An Online Business

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