How to Speak English Confidently

How to Speak English Confidently? ❤️ Get 1 Simple Trick

Welcome to my How to Speak English Confidently blog post. What if I told you, there’s one simple trick. If you practice diligently, that will help you become a more confident English speaker.

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How to Speak English Confidently? ❤️ Get 1 Simple Trick

How to Speak English Confidently
How to Speak English Confidently

So today, I’m going to share with you a simple trick that will help you get fluent with English, and I already know what is going to happen. I will see some smart-ass trying to summarize what that one trick is in the comments section below. They believe they are helping people by summarizing the lesson.

What they’re actually doing is they are robbing people of the opportunity to learn, to grow, that you cannot do the push up for them. No different than, imagine if you have a movie that you’ve always wanted to watch, and you can’t wait to get the tickets, and then your friend told you the ending of the movie. Ruined the entire experience for you.

So, when you are summarizing the lessons for people in the comment, you’re not helping people. You’re actually doing them a disservice.

Does this make sense?

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So, here’s the formula. I call that the 1-3-1 Formula Of Language Mastery. One, three, one, here’s how it works. First, you pick a speaker that you like. You pick someone that you want to learn from, you want to emulate. You like the way they speak, you like their tonality. Then You like how they modulate their voice, right? You like how they project. Whoever that person might be, you pick that one person. What you do is this, you pick one line that person says. 

Now, that could be through a video, that could be through a podcast or even an audio book, doesn’t matter. So, you listen to that one line, and then you pause. You practice three times with your own voice. Then, you listen to the next line, one line, pause, repeat three times. You do that one hour per day. That’s it, it is that simple, one, three, one.

When you practice this one simple trick, what it does, it leaves a footprint in your subconscious mind. It is that simple. One line, repeat three times, one hour a day, but I know 99% of the people reading this blog post, they are not going to do it. They’re not going to invest one hour every day to master a language.

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They’re not going to invest one hour every day to be a more confident English speaker. They’re not going to invest one hour every day to stand out in the marketplace, so people pay attention and hang on every single word that comes out of their mouth. As I always say, the distance between you and everything you ever want is your words, what you say to yourself, and how you communicate to others, so choose your words wisely.

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