How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022

How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022? | (Earn $100/Day)

Introduction: How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022?

Welcome to my How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022 blog post.

Do you want to know How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free in 2022? In this tutorial, I’m going to tell you the fully new method of Clickbank. This is the new and easiest way to promote Clickbank products for free.

If you are really interested to earn with Clickbank then follow this method. By following this method, you can earn $100 per day on Clickbank. Most importantly, there are no difficulties to follow these methods.

It is easy and 100% beginner-friendly. After that, you don’t need to do any hard work. On the other hand, A lot of newbie marketers make their first Clickbank Affiliate sale applying this method. So, let’s complete everything step-by-step.

Why This New Method Is Recommended?

Start Promoting Clickbank Products – Do you want to start promoting Clickbank products? If yes, then you do start reading this blog post. Step-by-Step I describe everything here.

Make $100+ Day – Are you want to make $100 per day from Clickbank? This method will help you to make $100 or more per day by promoting Clickbank products.

No Video & No Website – Don’t worry! Keep a chill mind. If you want to start this method you don’t need to make videos and websites. Here is no video marketing & website post.

No Ads Campaigns – You don’t need to cost a single dime to apply this method. So, you don’t need to run paid ads Campaigns. Above all, you can promote your Clickbank products free.

100% Beginner-Friendly – You don’t need to run ad campaigns, make videos, or websites. In a word, there is no difficulty anything. It is fully beginner-friendly.

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Step-by-step Process of This New Method 2022:

This is one of the easiest ClickBank promotion methods for anyone. It’s 100% new and Beginner-friendly. If you want to apply this brand-new method then you have to follow a few steps. I’ll share all these steps step-by-step. So, follow it and apply it.

#Step 1 – Create A Clickbank Account

Firstly, you need a Clickbank account. So, create your Clickbank account. After that, visit the Clickbank marketplace. In the marketplace, you will get the health & fitness category. Now, you’ll go to the health & fitness category.

You’ll get a lot of products to promote. Find out the best products from there. To choose the best product from the Clickbank, at first, you have to focus on the initial or conversion sales.
After that, focus on the recurring or rebuild.

In conclusion, you have to focus on a gravity score of how much affiliate makes sells this product. In these ways, you can choose the best products from the Clickbank marketplace. After that, you need an affiliate link to promote the product.

So, click the promote button to get your affiliate link. If you are unable to create a Clickbank account then you don’t need to be upset. There has an alternative to Clickbank. And it’s Market Health.

So, you create an account on Market Health. It’s another marketplace for the health & fitness niche. Likewise, you’ll get all health and fitness, weight loss related products in this Market Health.

#Step 2 – Go To The Pexels.Com

After choosing the product, you’ll go to Now, search on google. is a site of free photos & videos. Therefore, you will get many health & fitness-related photos and videos here.

Most importantly, you can use it everywhere. Browse millions of high-quality royalty-free stock images & copyright-free pictures and videos. You will get many 10-15 seconds videos here. After that, download videos from here.

#Step 3 – Build A Landing Page

Now, If you have a landing page, then fine. But if you don’t have a landing page the visit After that, build your attention-grabbing landing page. You don’t need to pay any monthly payment or recurring payment here. It’s 100% free.

To create your account here, just confirm your email address. After that, you are able to create your landing page. If you want to learn how to build an attention-grabbing landing page in just 15 minutes then watch the tutorial below.

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#Step 4 – Go To The Pinterest

After completing to build a landing page go to And create a business account on Pinterest. If you use or create a personal account then you can’t upload videos. But if you use a business account then you can upload videos less than 2GB.

Therefore, create a business Pinterest account. After that, you have to upload videos on Pinterest regularly. When you upload videos you have to add Title, Hashtags, and Destination Link. Then you have to set up your title. Subsequently, use your niche-related hashtags.

In conclusion, add your destination link. It’s your landing page link or direct affiliate link. If you want, you can use the direct affiliate link or not. But I don’t prefer to use direct affiliate links. However, you’ll get 25X better results by using videos on Pinterest.

All steps of Clickbank promotion are Done. So, guys follow these Steps to promote Clickbank products for Free.

Final Opinion: How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022?

In conclusion, I want to say this is an awesome method for beginners. If you don’t have any money-making opportunities then simply follow these steps. After that, start your Clickbank affiliate marketing journey.

If you follow these steps then you can promote your Clickbank products easily. And it will be one of the best ways. I recommend you to upload videos regularly on Pinterest. Just uploading 1 or 2 or 5 videos you can’t get results.

Thanks, dear readers for reading this “How To Promote Clickbank Products for Free 2022” blog post. Now, it’s an opportunity to start your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing journey. Best wishes for you and your ClickBank journey.

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Watch The New Method To Promote Clickbank Products for Free

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