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Cubeet Review – 10X More Reach, Engage, Sell (Misan Morrison)

Cubeet Review

Introduction: Cubeet Review

Welcome to Cubeet Review. Do you want to increase reach, engage, & sell?

Do you want to turn your website into an interactive website by adding video calling, live chat, phone call & SMS engagement in just 60 seconds? 

Most importantly, it works for HTML, WordPress, Clickunnels, GroovePages, and any kind of website or website builder. 

Honestly, if you want to get more engagement then you have to add new features inside your website, or funnels. 

This brand-new software helps you to see a new era of engagement. If you can more engage with your audiences then you get more responses. This hands-free technology brings huge opportunities.

Let’s complete this Cubeet Review first then make the right decision.

What is Cubeet?

Cubeet is a First to market AI Consultant Tool. You can now use 2-way Video Calling from right inside your website. It allows your visitors to get more details and even BUY directly from inside your video. For example, turning your video into a LIVE eCommerce Store with a 24/7 Live Video Chat Facility. 

Answer Questions & Close Prospects Via LIVE Video/Audio Call, LIVE Chat, Phone Call, Or SMS While They Check Out Your Website, Products & Services. 

But, don’t have a website? 

– No Worries. 

You can still use Cubeet to engage & close your audience. Simply create an Instant Conversion Page with built-in viral traffic sources. And share your video with your audience on social media. Again – your audience can choose to do a LIVE Video/Audio Call with you, chat with you, call you on your phone or send you an SMS – in just 1-Click.

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The Working Process with Cubeet:

If you want to get more engagement and conversions then Cubeet helps you a lot. Firstly, you have to grab Cubeet. After that, you can use this app in just 3 simple steps.

Step1: Create Your Flow – You have to choose your Flow. A lot of Done-For-You flow is ready here in various niches. You have to choose any of the Flows. All these are so highly engaging. 

Step2: Customize Your Flow – Now, you have to edit your Flow. On the left side, you can see all the elements. Text, Image, Video, Shape, Button, Emoji, etc. Now, you have to add these elements and 

Set as your wish. 

Cubeet Review

Then other engaging elements available here. For example, questions, inquiry, survey, presenter, contact us, social media, rating, open chat widget, etc. 

Most importantly, you can add a card. You can set YouTube, Amazon, Shopify store, PayPal, Patreon, conversation, the sound could, website, blog, etc. In the conversation section you can attach video call, audio call, live chat, phone call, etc. Very easily you can edit and set as your wish.

By adding these elements you can increase your sales.

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Step3: Copy & Pasting Your Widget – Now, you have to create a new widget. Set your widget name, then set your website or where you want to set, and layout. Save your widget and copy the code. After that, set this code inside your website header section. You’re done!

Cubeet Review

These are all 3 easy steps to apply this app inside your business. You can increase your sales and conversions using these awesome tools.

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Why You Should Choose Cubeet?

Leverage the ‘Zero touch’ trend in the new post covid economy where customers don’t want to leave their homes. 

Cubeet allows businesses to deliver interactive experiences to their customers at home. You can create beautiful and highly-engaging videos in just a couple of minutes. 

After that, you can then embed it as a widget on your website or simply share the link on social media or personal messages. Certainly, without any sort of special skills or knowledge, you’re able to do it.

Instant Access Cubeet (‘CUBE10OFF’ for 10% Off)

What Do You can Do with Cubeet?

– Choose From Over 100+ Niche Specific Video/Animated DFY Templates Easily.

– Create 2-Way Video Conversation, Video Presenter, Survey, Question, Inquiry, Request Callback, Social Media, Open Chat Widget And Rating Flows.

– Effortlessly Create Flows From Twitter, YouTube, Sell From Amazon, Sell From Shopify Store, Receive PayPal Payment, Promote Personal Patreon Link, Collect Donations, Promote Any Music From Soundcloud, And Promote Any Website Or Blog.

– Simply Point-n-Click To Create Several Funnel Steps For Your Created Flow With Cubeet 

– Choose From Over 3 Million Videos/Images, Gif/Stickers, Audio Sounds, Icons, Gestures, Illustrations, Frames, Brand Logos, Patterns, Slogans, People, And Product Collections 

– Copy-Paste A Simple Line Of Code To Create Non-obstructive Attention-Grabbing Widgets On Any Website.

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Over 12+ Integrations With Autoresponders Of Your Choice And Relevant Third Party Communication.

– Generate Instant Conversion Pages With Social Media Buttons, QR Code, And Easy To Remember Customizable & Shareable Links.

– Schedule Specific Time And Day To Activate Your Flows Or Funnel Sequences And Run Truly Engaging Campaigns.

– Add Your Google/Facebook Pixel Code And Any Ads Code Or Just About Any Snippet In Just 1-Click 

– Render The Portal To Your Choice Of Language And Use With Ease. 

– Capture The Full Details Of Your Visitors And The Conversions Platforms And Export As CSV.

Top Features of Cubeet:

Create Stunning Video Widgets: Select from over 100 video and animated templates that are completely done for you! All you need to do is …select and instantly use them to witness higher sales and profits.

Create Live Chat Widget: Your customers today expect to be able to chat with you when they need assistance. It helps to boost your engagement and watch your conversions high. 

Easily Create Audio/Phone Call Widgets: Just Drag-nDrop a few elements to create a sophisticated Audi/phone call widget. You can talk to your customers in real-time and answer all their quires and make sales faster.

Easily Create A Text/SMS Widget: Testing remains to be quite popular every time. With Cubeet you can create an SMS/Text widget with Drag-n-Drop ease. Your customers can text you just click an icon on your website.

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Drag-n-Drop Editor: Just some dragging-n-dropping is all it takes to ace your digital marketing game. 

Multiple Engagement Tools: In just a few clicks generate your own 2-way Live video conversions, video presenters, surveys, questions, inquiries, request callback, social media buttons, open chat widget, and rating flow and so much more. 

Multiple Social Media Links Enabled: Now traffic will flow to you from Twitter & YouTube. You can also sell from Amazon & Shopify stores. Instantly receive payments from PayPal. 

Build-In Scheduler: Time your flow to perfection to make it more effective and profitable. With just one-click schedule the time and day to make a specific flow.

Multi-Step Marketing & Sales Funnel: Generate multiple funnels steps from each flow that you create using Cubeet. Now profit endlessly using even one single flow.

Support Language: Cubeet is created for Global citizens. So, you can use the portal in the language of your choice and leverage it to your maximum advantage.

Instant Access Cubeet (‘CUBE10OFF’ for 10% Off)

Does Website Mandatory or Not? – Cubeet Review

Actually, you can use Cubeet is perfect for any situation. You can use Cubeet on your new/existing website. On the other hand, without any website, you also can use it. Simply generate a landing page and share it with your audiences. 


You can enable Interactive Video Calling with just one click on your new or existing website. After that, you can use the Interactive Audio Calling widget to interact with your audience in real-time. In just a point-n-click, you can customize the SMS function.

You can change the portal to your choice of language and use it with ease. Most importantly, you don’t need to download or install anything. It’s a 100% cloud-based app.


If you don’t have a website it doesn’t matter. You can make huge profits without any website. In this case, you have to create a landing and share them with your clients. You can share using Social Media Buttons, QR codes, Customizable & Shareable links.

However, there is a nothing learning curve here. This is perfect for beginners and part-time users. Then free commercial license is included for selling these widgets to your clients and making 100% profits.

Does Cubeet Worth Buy or Not?

You see most businesses have gone online. For example, building a website, a fan page on Facebook, etc. But, no one share any clues on how to interact with their customers.

Actually, only a website, the Facebook page is not enough to get more responses from your audiences. You have to interact with your customers in real-time and boost profits.

Most businesses jumped online by creating good-looking websites. After that, they think it’s DONE! But, they failed to factor in how they will get clients or increase their sales. 

With Cubeet you can add and increase the interactivity elements with ZERO effort. So, friends try to get more engaged to get more sales. 

Cubeet provides 30 days questions-asked money-back guarantee. On the other hand, super support. So, it’s 100% risk-free. If Cubeet can’t fulfill your demand then you can refund it anytime within 30 days.

Final Opinion:

In conclusion, I want to say Cubeet is a must need app to get more reach, engagement, and sales. Businesses need to go online right now. And, your presence is needed to get results. 

Cubeet gives you the chance to turn this challenge into an opportunity for your growth and success. When you get access to this platform, you can help businesses thrive while making big bucks for yourself. 

Tap into viral traffic sources using FREE 2 ways video calls and animated interactive funnels to attract more traffic and convert more customers. 

Finally, I want to say Cubeet helps you to get more engagement. This app helps you to add effective tools that your customers can trust and contact as their wish. So, if you want to get more conversion then try to interact more. 

Now, make the right decision. If you think it’s perfect then grab it otherwise avoid it. Thanks for reading Cubeet Review.

Instant Access Cubeet (‘CUBE10OFF’ for 10% Off)

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